Infinisim has developed a dynamic clock analysis tool, ClockEdge™, powered by a breakthrough simulation technology that guarantees SPICE accurate results at very high speeds and full-chip capacity. Our patented Real-time Adaptive Simulation™ (RAS™) technology, RASER™, makes the simulation always accurate and always fast.

At 28nm technology nodes and below, Static Timing Analysis (STA) alone is proving to be overly pessimistic and On-Chip Variation (OCV) is leading to unacceptably large guard banding. ClockEdge overcomes the limitations of STA and provides designers with accurate timing analysis, accurate power and leakage data, and OCV analysis.

Why ClockEdge™?
  • The only solution for top-level SOC clock analysis at SPICE accuracy.
  • Reduces excessive guard-banding to improve circuit performance by performing complete clock analysis.
  • Increases confidence in design at sign-off for better yield by performing SPICE accurate timing and power analysis for validation.
  • Increases productivity through an automated flow.